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    "Amazon Princess" by Kevenn T. Smith

    My first piece that I complete in 2016 is an illustration of my favorite superhero, Princess Diana of Themiscyra, also known as Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman has played a very huge and important part of my life. I met my spouse through Wonder Woman fandom. And Wonder Woman stands up there with She-Ra for me as the kind of person and values that I try to emulate in my life.

    For this illustration of Wonder Woman, I have been very inspired by the Wonder Woman '77 comic series and the recent The Legend of Wonder Woman comic series. I'm not fond of the way her mythos, history, origin, and costume were changed during DC's New 52. For me, my Wonder Woman has been gone since then, and the comic book has embraced a very effemophobic atmosphere, energy, and aesthetic.

    My favorite Wonder Woman designs are Lynda Carter's CBS Wonder Woman costume and the costume designed by Terry & Rachel Dodson. I wanted to do a version that combined those two designs, and one that I want to celebrate feminine energy with. Wonder Woman is a fantasy princess to me, and I wanted her depiction to be joyous, feminine, fun, strong, and sexy. For me, the beauty in Wonder Woman is that she shows us it takes a special kind of strength to not be hard in a hard world. My Wonder Woman is soft and doesn't need to be hard in order to be victorious. I find Wonder Woman is far more impressive when she doesn't need large bracelets to deflects oncoming blows and projectiles and can do it just as well with small bracelets. I find it more amazing when Wonder Woman can subdue her foes using yonic instruments like her lasso, bracelets, and tiara without having to use a sword or shield or armor or an axe. That's my Wonder Woman, and that's the one I enjoy seeing and portraying.

    As of now, this illustration is available on t-shirts, hoodies, kids'/babies' clothes, iPhone cases & skins, Samsung Galaxy cases & skins, laptop skins & sleeves, stickers, throw pillows, duvet covers, mugs, tote bags, and studio pouches at my store. Click here or the image to go to the store.

    Pencil, Ink, Photoshop
    ©Kevenn T. Smith 2016
    Wonder Woman ©DC Comics

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